Academic CV

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Curriculum Vitae


Nakho Kim
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities at Penn State Harrisburg
717 948 6470
777 West Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, PA 17057


Research interests

My primary research topic is participatory journalism, as an aspect of civic communication empowered with media technologies. It includes issues such as making sense of their potentials as emerging public spheres in diverse social settings. Specific interest areas include citizen journalism practices, complex agent-based model simulations of media ecologies and historical-comparative case studies. As such, my dissertation research involved building agent-based simulation models of media ecologies to explore under which social conditions emergent journalism projects can effectively help build better public spheres, while conducting relevant case studies.
I have also a secondary research interest in how Asian popular culture and cultural industries have been evolving and spreading out globally in the digital age.


Educational Background

PhD (Aug 2015)
School of Journalism and Mass Communication at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship recipient
Louise Elizabeth George Scholarship Fund Fellowship recipient
Dissertation title: Citizen Journalism in the Media Ecology: Conditions of Successful Emerging Public Spheres
Advisor: professor Lewis A. Friedland

M.A. (Aug 2003)
Department of Communication at Seoul National University, South Korea
Thesis title: “The success and limits of progressive information & communication technology movements in Korea: a case of Jinbonet
Advisor: professor Myungkoo Kang

B.A. (Aug 2000)
Department of Psychology at Seoul National University, South Korea


Works in Progress

  • Kim, N, &Friedland, L. (2016) Sustainable Local Journalism: Towards a Community Engagement Model of Journalism Education
  • Kim, N., Institutionalizing Participatory News Media: From Ohmynews to Newstapa
  • Friedland, L. & Kim, N. (2013). Media Ecology and Communities: Beyond Metaphors

Selected Publications

  • Kim, N., Konieczna, M., Yoon, H. & Friedland, L.(2016). Sustainability Factors of Emergent Civic News Websites. Journal of Mass Communication Quarterly. 1077699016628807
  • Communication Policy Research Network (2012), Review of the Literature Regarding Critical Information Needs of the American Public: Annotated Bibliography, CPRN-FCC LIT REVIEW 07/16/12.
  • Robinson, S., DeShano, C., Kim, N. & Friedland, L. (2009), Madison Commons: Experimenting with a citizen-journalism model. In Burton, S. & Rosenberry, J. (Eds), Public Journalism 2.0: The Promise and Reality of a Citizen-Engaged Press. Routledge.
  • Friedland, L. & Kim, N. (2009). Citizen Journalism. In Sterling, C. (Ed), Encyclopedia of Journalism. Sage: Thousand Oaks.
  • Rojas, H. & Kim, N. (2008). Citizen Journalism. In Lynda Lee Kaid (Ed). Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Sage: Thousand Oaks.
  • Kang, M., Kim, N. & Lee, S. (2007). Patriotic passion and ‘sublime’ science: Un-searching for journalistic truth. Korean Journal of Journalism and Communication Studies. Vol. 51 No.1. pp. 59-90.
  • Friedland, L., Long, C., Shin, Y. J. & Kim, N. (2007). The local public sphere as a networked space. In R. Butsch (Ed.), Media and public spheres. Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan Publishers.
  • Kim, N. (2005). Media history of Korean comics and animated films, In Korean National University of Arts (Ed). Modern History of Korean arts : the 1990s, Sigongsa: Seoul.
  • Kang, M., Oh, J., Yoon, S., & Kim, N. (2002). Status and Organization of Global and Local Internet Governance. Policy 2001-020, Korea Internet Information Center(KRNIC).

Conference Presentations

  • Kim, N., Konieczna, M, Yoon H & Friedland, L. (2013). Contributors to Sustainability of Emergent, Civic News Sites: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis. AEJMC annual conference, Washington, DC.
  • Cho, Y. & Kim, N. (2012)*. Developmental Neoliberalism and the Formation of the Information Technology Economy in South Korea. Cultural Studies Association of Australasia annual conference, Sydney, Australia.  * Equal contribution.
  • Friedland, L & Kim, N. (2012). Communication Ecology: A Brief Review of Theory. Presented at ICA annual conference, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Kim, N. (2011). Exploring Contexts in Citizen Journalism - A Conceptual Framework. Presented at AEJMC annual conference, St Louis, MO.
  • Kim, N. (2010). Social Mythicization of Anonymous Pundits – The Case of South Korean Blogger Minerva. Presented at 2010 ACS Crossroads conference, Singapore.
  • Robinson, S., DeShano, C., Kim, N. & Friedland, L. (August 2008). Madison Commons: experimenting with a citizen-journalism model. Presented at AEJMC annual conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Kang, M., Kim, N. & Lee, S. (2007). Patriotic passion and ‘sublime’ science: Un-searching for journalistic truth, Presented at AEJMC annual conference, Washington DC
  • Kim, H & Kim, N. (July 2007). Women’s video games: definition, structure, and aesthetics. Presented at Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations annual conference. University of Tokyo, Japan.
  • Kim, N. (2006). The Bridging Media: Integrating layers and clusters of social life. Presented at Sungkyunkwan–UW Korean students joint seminar. Madison, WI.
  • Friedland, L., Rojas, H., Long, C., Abril, E., Hildebrandt, V., Kim, N., Lee, E., Lee, S., & Shin, Y. J. (2006, August). Surveying citizen journalism: Describing emerging phenomena that posits a renovation in the public sphere. Presented at AEJMC annual conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • Kang, M. & Kim, N. (2004). An Exploration of Internet Governance and Civil Society. Presented at the International Symposium on Civic Participation in Internet Governance. Seoul, Korea.


Teaching experience

Courses taught
– 2016. Global Cultures and Communication (COMMS 560). Penn State Harrisburg.
– 2016. Perspectives in American Journalism (COMM 407B). Penn State Harrisburg.
– 2015-16. Media and Democracy (COMM 110). Penn State Harrisburg.
– 2015. The Nature of Media (COMM 251). Penn State Harrisburg.
– 2015. News Writing (COMM 260W). Penn State Harrisburg.

Teaching Assistant
– 2011. Introduction to Mass Communication (instructor: Greg Downey). School of Journalism at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
– 2001. Critical Studies of Communication (instructor: Myungkoo Kang) at Seoul National University. Seoul, Korea.
– 2001. and History of Media Technology (instructor: Myungkoo Kang) at Seoul National University. Seoul, Korea.

Guest lectures
– 2013. “Understanding Online Journalism”, Social Media Optimization and the New Web(instructor: Minwoo Kwon), Communication Department at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
– 2012. Systems of Censorship and Opposition: Overview of Online Regulations in the US. 4th OurNet Internet User Forum, Seoul, Korea. (Webcasted)
– 2011. Why Blogs Still Matter in the “SNS-era”. 3rd OurNet Internet User Forum, Seoul, Korea. (Webcasted)
– 2010. “Experimenting Community Journalism: Madison Commons”, Social Impact of New Communication Technologies (instructor: Youngmie Kim / J676), School of Journalism at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
– 2006. “Understanding Korean comics”. Guest lecture session for Korean Popular Culture (instructor: Inkyu Kang), East Asian Studies department at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
– 2005. “Internet governance and civic participation”. Guest lecture session for History of media technology (instructor: Myungkoo Kang), department of communication at Seoul National University. Seoul, Korea.


Research projects
– 2007 – 2015. Development and management of the citizen journalism project Madison Commons, School of Journalism and Mass Communication at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Duties include site coding, server management and other technical aspects.
– 2014. Co-organizer of AEJMC 2014 panel session Defining Emergent Journalistic Behaviors: how to disentangle observations into clear concepts
– 2012. Participated in building the literature review for FCC’s research project Information Needs of Communities.(CPRN-FCC LIT REVIEW 07/16/12)
– 2011 – 2013. Co-organizer of the Data Journalism Workshop, School of Journalism and Mass Communication at University of Wisconsin-Madison
– 2008-2011. Project assistant in developing civic communication theories and projects for professor Friedland, L., School of Journalism and Mass Communication at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Work also included data collection and network analysis of civic media projects.
– 2006. Online data collection and survey programming for Citizen Journalism Research Project. Co-worked with professor Friedland, L., School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and professor Rojas, H., Department of Life Science Communication, University of Wisconsin Madison.
– 2005. Project co-management for the Korean Internet history museum project, conceived by professor Kang, M., Department of Communication at Seoul National University, for the National Internet Development Agency of Korea.
– 2001 – 2002. Assisted in developing the coursework of the interdisciplinary program Information, Culture and Media at Seoul National University.
– 2001. Participated in Internet governance research at the Center for Internet Governance Studies, Department of Communication at Seoul National University.


Work Experience
Professional work experiences include

  • 2012- present. Co-editor for Korean investigative alternative news site
  • 2004 – present. Regular contributor on media issues for Korean newspapers and news magazines including HankyoreHankookilbo, ScienceOn, Sisain among others.
  • 2002. Communication specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning at Seoul National University.
  • 2002. Web service manager and database planner, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency.
  • 2001. Editor, Center for Internet Governance Studies Newsletter.


  • Fluent in Korean and German.
  • Proficient in media production tools including Photoshop and InDesign.
  • Coding experience in HTML, PHP, SQL. Proficient in Content Management Systems including Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, as well as server management.


Contact Information
Lewis A. Friedland, Doctoral Program Academic Advisor, Professor
School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin‐Madison
5138 Vilas Hall, Madison, WI 53706
Office phone: (608) 263‐7853, Fax: (608) 262‐1361, E‐mail: