Post-Twitter Twitterverse

Some impressions on the ongoing conversational vibes in various Twitter-ish services in their current iterations (i.e. Jul 2023):

Threads feels like Twitter around 2020.
…Vibrant with celebs, influencers, politicos, etc strategically shouting for attention in all media formats. The Twitterverse that attracted money and power interests.
…That’s what the massive network scale achieves, which Instagram did effortlessly (by essentially having Instagrammers come over).

Blue Sky feels like Twitter around 2010.
…Text-based conversations in personality-like networks with the constant potential to scale up. The Twitterverse that was evolving with emergent new communication modes.
…Possibly the subject of Jack Dorsey’s nostalgia.

Mastodon feels like Twittr.
…Everyone still scrambling to find out how to use this thing.
…Not just the technology; the culture and norms of making connections as well.

MuskTwitter feels like Parler.
…Could end up just like that one. One can hope.