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Abandoned for a long time, instead experimenting with other channels in the vast media environment.

Kinda sorta opening it up again, because those somewhere-elses are becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

Working as a media researcher and educator.

About the title of this blog: the public sphere is not a place, but a set of (inter)actions of the people in it and around it. We are the public sphere, in as long as we make it happen through rational communication to make our societies work better for our common good. Most often, we don’t.

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On AI-assisted Writing

[Note: This is a guideline I wrote at the start of the recent semester, for the classes I teach. I’m sure there will be other people who want some concrete ideas on how to cope with tools like that (beyond open mantras such as “use it as a tool, wisely”), so here’s a start.]

In-house guideline: AI-assisted Writing (e.g. ChatGPT)

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