Disinforming Ourselves to Death

Meme originated from "Baton Roue" by Penloup, 2011.
  • Musings about X-Twitter

    Some trivial musings about the X: or, social media service formerly known as Twitter which somehow got the name of the originally failed attempt to rebrand Paypal. Originally posted on my Bluesky, which for some whatever reason is still in closed beta.

  • AI Won’t Destroy the Public Sphere (…because we do.)

    ChatGPT for language. Midjourney for pictures. Discussing matters of public interest and formulating opinions on them require a steady intake of facts and opinions that reflect social realities and values. Just like we need good ingredients to cook great food. However, with the rapid advancement of AI, those ingredients could be less reflective of actual…

  • Post-Twitter Twitterverse

    Some impressions on the ongoing conversational vibes in various Twitter-ish services in their current iterations (i.e. Jul 2023): Threads feels like Twitter around 2020.…Vibrant with celebs, influencers, politicos, etc strategically shouting for attention in all media formats. The Twitterverse that attracted money and power interests.…That’s what the massive network scale achieves, which Instagram did effortlessly…

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