Understanding Manhwa

This page is dedicated for promoting understanding on a very distinct form of Korean popular culture, Manhwa (Korean Comics). There will be some more coming up as I continue working through, but let’s start with what English material I have currently on hand.

Introducing ‘Manhwa’: The World of Korean Comics (From: Frankfurter Buchmesse 2003)


These are some condensed excerpts from the official guidebook of the special exhibition “La dynamique de la bande desinnee coreene”(The Dynamics of Korean Comics), held at Angouleme International Comics Festival, 2003. The book originally consists of two volumes, a text-based volume and a anthology volume of selected short pieces. This text comes directly from the former one. The full text is in French, and only condensed versions were translated into English due to page volume. The original text had also many nice pictures as well, but I don’t want to paste all the high-resolution pictures into here and make the file size super-large. if anybody is interested, mail me (Kim, Nak ho at capcolds@hotmail.com) afterwards and I’ll send you the Powerpoint material which definitely will contain pictures. Now, enjoy.

– All last names are capitalized, and put in front as properly read in Korea.


The Fascination of Korean comics and Cross-Cultural Exchange

The Life of Korean Comics

Contemporary Young Korean Comics

About the Comics Industry in Korea


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