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  • Introducing ‘Manhwa’: The World of Korean Comics

    (The following text was written as the intorduction in the sampler catalogue on Manhwa that was?distributed at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2003 (and in following SanDiego ComiCon as well). It was the initial year when the Korean Ministry of Culture?started promoting Manhwa to the Western world. For the sampler I selected the comics, wrote notes. For…

  • Manhwa today

    Contemporary Young Korean Comics by Kim NakHo Young Comics Comics are forms of expression filled with diversity and youthful energy. Since the beginning, comics broke away from the rigidity of the standard art to freely express its messages and become an integral part of the popular culture. If freedom to overcome the existing limits is…

  • Manhwa Market

    About the Comics Industry in Korea by Kim NakHo Market Size