Disinforming Ourselves to Death

Meme originated from "Baton Roue" by Penloup, 2011.
  • Stray Thoughts on Pixar’s Elemental

    I loved Pixar’s Elemental a lot, but I get how it missed the mark with some audiences. First off, the marketing point: while the romcom aspect was advertised, the diaspora inter-generational story is the real gem. Father-daughter relationship, as a core story driver, opened on Father’s Day weekend, but no marketing about that part. But…

  • On AI-assisted Writing

    [Note: This is a guideline I wrote at the start of the recent semester, for the classes I teach. I’m sure there will be other people who want some concrete ideas on how to cope with tools like that (beyond open mantras such as “use it as a tool, wisely”), so here’s a start.] In-house…

  • Clean Slate

    Thinking about doing something with this media space. After all that’s said and done, ebbed and flowed in the digital media environment, the foundational constant is not the platform service; it is still the personal publishing space that can be connected to the outside world via protocols. I always used the analogy of the constantly…

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